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The Vogue Wedding Show. Wedding Directory. School of rocks. The gift of the gab is a powerful one. Use this to your advantage, Pisces. How do you feel about dark humour, Taurus? Cancer, old habits die hard, unless you want them to.

Be aware of the lies you tell yourself or the excuses you make in the solitude of your own company. Look around you, Aries! You are surrounded by your best people. People who water you and love watching you grow.


Daily Horoscope: February 16, 12222

Things are especially blessed on the family front. Such a wonderful feeling to back home to people who love you this much! Word of warning: chaos is a constant. Instead of feeling bogged down, think of life as an improv show. Spontaneity could be the key to showing your circumstances who is in charge. Uncertainties are certain this weekend. The only thing you can be sure of is your own decisions.

How do you feel about the ebb and flow of emotions, Gemini? Old habits die hard, unless you want them to.

Cancer February 16th-28th 2019

If something was meant for you, it would have worked out seamlessly. Cancer, beware of draining your energy and your resources. Chaos is likely to be a constant companion this weekend.

Daily Horoscope: February 16, - VICE

When things fall apart, grab the front row seats. Despite the outward appearance of things, everything is falling in place for you. You sense there is a better way to run your life and now, inspired by smart planet Mercury, you can set out your own ideas of how time and tasks should be shared out. Everything may not go your way in love — at least, not at first — but let yourself enjoy the challenge and the chase.

There is a social side to an exercise project that could bring a new love into your life — or fuel new closeness between partners. When it comes to family matters, instead of too much conversation, you make clever and important decisions. Text a psychic. Max 3 per reply. You must have bill payers permission. Calls recorded for your protection, Max call duration 19 minutes for number. These services are for entertainment only. With this configuration, the subject is aware that their work dynamics may not be the most successful and, therefore, they will have to modify it.

Cancer natives with history of lung ailments should be more careful during this period of the year.

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This configuration indicates a thorough review of personal relationships the one you maintain with yourself and others , leaving prejudices and beliefs behind, based on old painful experiences. Chiron will begin to retrograde in the X House of Cancer, on July 11, referring to the interaction with authority figures, the search for the mission of life, and the relationship between the individual concept of success and the awareness of merit.

EOn July 20, the second Cancer New Moon of will take place, an unusual event that you can use to reinvent yourself, and set new goals and intentions. With the retrogradation of Uranus in the XI House of Cancer, as of August 15, there is a tendency to distance oneself from old friendships, and participate in conflicts of interest, with colleagues and teammates. On August 7, Venus will enter Cancer. On September 9, Mars will begin to retrograde in House X of the crab. With this transit, it is suggested to avoid discussions with authority figures, and not to make hasty decisions that can damage your professional image.

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In September , the North Node and the asteroid Psyche remain in House XII of Cancer, guiding efforts towards the emotional healing of the subject, and the recapitulation of the past without guilt or resentment. The New Moon in Libra on October 16 will touch House IV of Cancer, encouraging family communication reconciliations , home renovations, and connection with the sacred feminine.

Avoid heated debates. You are able to defend your point of view, without having to underestimate the position of others, and you will not always be right. Venus will be traveling on House III of Cancer, from October 2 to 26, which is an excellent opportunity to review and adjust the internal dialogue. On November 21, Venus will enter the V House of Cancer, an astrological position that favors the emergence of romantic relationships, pregnancies and romantic adventures. Good time to start a new eating plan, exercises or lifestyle. You will want to add people from the immediate environment in your expansion plan, but you must keep in mind that this decision will not prosper, if you turn a deaf ear to ideas that are different from your own.

With this configuration, the subject assumes, as a personal commitment, the search for integral well-being. Romantic relationships will be carried on with more maturity and responsibility.

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  • Beware of relationships for self-interest. You will have good relations with your family members in general and couples will enjoy very satisfactory moments of intimacy. At the workplace and in the finances, a cycle will come to a close and it is a good time to make adjustments, projections and establish priorities for your expenses. International businesses have a positive outlook as well as studies, exams or conferences. It will be necessary to deeply analyze economic projects and the end of the trimester will be a good time for changes.

    With respect to health, you should be careful overindulging in the pursuit of pleasure, it is good to enjoy but not so much that you damage your health.

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    Do not over-exert yourself physically and do not overeat and drink. This end of the trimester is a good time for self-healing. In the second trimester, the natives of Cancer will have to assume more responsibility for their actions in emotional relationships. Family life and coexistence within the home will go well. There will be a good intellectual compatibility for those who start relationships. There will be a tendency at work to favor everything that has to do with your true vocation. Some relationships with co-workers or fellow students may become complicated, and you will probably hinder a speedy resolution.

    Your financial prospects will improve and at the end of this quarter, the natives of this sign will look for new sources of income.

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    Regarding health in the second trimester, you will feel the need to better regulate your meals and physical activities, looking for a balance that benefits your physical well-being. There will be more spiritual searching and you will try to reconcile things from the past. Beware of alterations in your sleeping habits. It is imperative to take more care of your body and emotional side.

    The Week Ahead for Cancer

    The third trimester in love will begin with the need to rethink, change your emotional energy, and begin to do projects. A lack of self-esteem could bring conflicts in the love plane, but the conjunction of Venus with the Sun in Cancer will allow you to see what you need to modify. Agreements will be reached within the couple which allows progress to be made.

    With respect to money and work in July you must be careful with improvisation, it is not the right moment to take great risks. It is necessary to be very careful with what you have earned. Take care of your temperament because it could lead to an argumentative environment at work.