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Desert Exposure - desertexposure. Chicago Diabetes Project - chicagodiabetesproject. However, these family members can have a beneficial and balancing influence on each other.

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Air signs can teach water to experience life without being bogged down by their emotions. Water, in turn, can encourage air to be emotionally expressive rather than objectify their feelings. Birds of a Feather.

Air sign family members often share a quirky sense of humour, upbeat temperament and curiosity. The environment between two grounded earth signs is also relatively effortless. When it comes to water signs or fire signs though emotions tend to run high. On a good day life is one big adventure for passionate, enthusiastic and big-hearted fire signs. As long as there is compromise and an effort to avoid bad behavioural patterns the pros usually outweigh the cons.

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  6. This is another astrology classification that further characterises and adds another dimension to the dynamics and compatibility of sun signs. This group consists of three subdivisions — cardinal, fixed and mutable — and each contains four signs. Enterprising and action-oriented, cardinal signs are born leaders. They like to take the initiative and are unafraid to test their abilities even if it means they may not initially succeed.

    Yes, they can be very domineering, particularly go-getting fire sign Aries. Rams are, however, intrepid, loyal and great trouble-shooters.

    Om Libra 2014 (Mills & Boon Horoscopes)

    Air sign Librans are the least dominating and tend to charm their way into executive family positions as they are diplomatic and good listeners. Water sign Cancers too are more inclined to use subtle suggestion rather than brute force but can be bossy when their emotions take over. Productive and driven earth sign Capricorns simply get on with it so the role of leader is relegated to them without anyone really noticing.

    Cardinal parents relish the responsibility of being head of the family and take their role very seriously.

    Family Dynamics By Star Signs: How Compatible Are You Really?

    At the end of the day though they are the glue that binds the family and their well-meaning efforts are usually appreciated. As the word suggests fixed are, well, fixed. They are set in their ways and like things to be consistent. This can make them incredibly stubborn and unwilling to listen to advice. Earthy Taureans like to do things at their own pace, laboring long and hard to see the end result of their toil. Watery Scorpios have immense resilience and stamina which allows them to weather the fiercest storms and see things through to the bitter end. With their love anything novel and loathing of conformity Aquarians seem an unlikely candidate.

    However, while they themselves may be erratic they like everything around them to be consistent. Fixed signs are the backbone of the family and while they can be seen as unyielding and stagnant at times they are the most dependable. Loyal, dedicated and diligent, fixed signs will do whatever it takes to create a stable environment for their family. The signs of this subgroup are so named because they extremely versatile.

    Mutable signs welcome change seeing it as an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience with their inherent flexibility and chameleon-like nature allowing them to adjust to any given situation.

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    They are also the most accommodating, obliging and compromising of the modalities. Air sign Geminis are highly communicative effortlessly striking up conversations and expressing themselves with wit and eloquence. Earth sign Virgos are pragmatic and organised. They like routine but will go with the flow when need be. Fire sign Sagittarians are optimistic, energetic and can always be counted on to boost spirits. Water sign Pisceans are very intuitive using their heightened perception to sense situations and adapt accordingly.

    While mutable signs are experts at acclimatising they have a tendency to take the path of least resistance. Mutable signs are known as team players, not chiefs. Ironically though, they lead the way when it comes to change by showing loved ones not to fear new developments and helping them settle in. While mutable signs dislike conflict these family members have the ability to see all sides of the story which is why they are the ones to mediate clan differences and keep things flowing smoothly.

    Cancer MAY 2019 Monthly Forecast - New Friends Emerge and Help Orientate your Goals

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