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Renowned Astrologer Pt. One is doing so aggressively and the other is trying to be passively active of late. There are unique odd parallels between these two gentlemen. Rahul Gandhi belongs to the first family of this country. Starting from Jawaharlal Nehru it is still growing strong while Madam Gandhi is at the helm of affairs. He started his political career in the RSS as a grass roots worker and rose to be the Chief Minister of Gujarat and presently he is in his third term as the CM of Gujarat.

On the contrary Rahul Gandhi is an heir- apparent of the ruling party of India. Let us compare the astrological charts of both these ambitious people based on data available to us. Birth details and chart of these two are as follows:. I adjusted the time in the software and came to the conclusion that he would have been born between and The difference in the time could be due to the preferences that I use to calculate. Mercury is 8th lord and 11th lord, he is expected to give mixed results but he is conjunct with kethu and sun.

I therefore thought that he might be running venus-mercury-mercury venus-mercury-kethu. Sorry for the delay in replying. As I have mentioned earlier, if he was Thula Lagna, his 10th lord would have been moon which is debilitated. And, the creation of GPP is very clear evidence in this connection. Since, the Astrological conclusions have to be based upon Desh, Kaal and Patra concept; and, no strong or effective opposition was observed in Gujarat Politics — therefore, No views or comments were offered regarding the Gujarat CM Elections.

While, for the PM selection — there are many strong contenders and during that period, the weakness of his horoscope will also be comparatively grievous to cause decline in his political career. That is why, the chances of his being able to become PM of India in are observed to be almost Nil. My assertion is based on the rule that a person cannot become a leader with 10th lord debilitated and no planets in the 10th house and no planet aspecting 10th house. If he is Tula Lagna the 10th lord moon is in second house with no debilitation cancellation, no planet aspecting 10th house and no planet in 10th house.

I agree with you that he has zero chance of becoming PM because he will be running Rahu Bukthi which is very unfavorable to him. Yedyurappa lost his CMs post during debilitated moon dasa.

What helps Modi is the mars conjunct Moon. Besides this, the strength of Jupiter lord of third and sixth houses is also very prominent. The strength of Jupiter is the primary factor working in favor of Shri Narendra Modi in achieving political success and rest of the aspects of life are not equally supportive. Like, he usually remain under one or another controversy.

Mere absence of any planet from 10th house can not be considered to be applied as universal rule to judge the horoscope for political career.

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As far as, debilitation of 10th lord is concerned, there are many charts, wherein 10th house lord is debilitated and the person has been reasonably successful in his profession. The quantum of success may be different like one may me MLA or MP only; but still, there are people who have been able to register their space in politics even with debilitated 10h lord. Due to certain reasons; I can not disclose the names. But, I will surely try to find out some common horoscope, whose details are open to everyone, having debilitated 10th lord but enjoying reasonable success in politics.

As of now, I can recall the horoscopes of Shri L. I am not very sure about the absolute correctness of his birth details 8 Nov time 9. And, he is considered as one of the great political leaders of this country.

“Turbulent Atmosphere” Ahead of 12222 Polls :Stars Foretell Narendra Modi Still The Winner

Again, I can not claim to be hundred percent sure of birth details, but as per available horoscope, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee is Tula Lagna; and Moon is debilitated in second house of his Lagna Chart. Therefore, these are two different aspects; one is the quantum of success whether one reaches at the highest level or remains somewhere at mediocre level and the other is being able to remain active with reasonable success.

The planetary placement in the chart determines the potential of a specific horoscope, and the Dasa helps in identifying the timing of the events. As regard to aspect on 10th house, with Libra Ascendant Tula Lagna , Rahu placed in sixth house is having its aspect on 10th house of his Lagna Chart. I hope, I am able to clear my point. We may agree or may not agree with each other; however, all such differences of opinion does provide a good platform to discuss, understand and refine our astrological skills. And, that is more important against who is correct or who is wrong.

My prediction has been proved wrong as Narendra Modi has won the assembly elections in Gujarat. Yet I feel his lagna is Vrishchika though I cannot figure out the astrological reasons for his win. You may have different opinion and despite being in disagreement, I do have due regards for your opinion. Here, the issue is not whether Mr. Narendra Modi will become Prime Minister or not? Right now, it is more importent that whether he will become chief Minister again or not? I did not realize that elections were to be held in december. I thought it was in March. He will be running Moon Mars during elections.

I consider him to be Vrischika Lagna. An important ashtakvarga rule for great success in life is that in a birth chart the 11th house should have more benefic points than the 10th house and also more than the 12th house, but the 12th house should have less points than the Lagna; further lagna and the 10th house should have at least 28 points each all this as per the point system.

The Tula lagna horoscope does not have such a distribution of benefic points while the Vrishchika lagna chart does. Further, it is difficult to explain from Tula lagna the fact that Modi enjoyed great power during the dasha of the Sun which would be in the 12th house if he had Tula lagna also exaltation of Mercury would not be good as an exalted planet in the 12th, 6th or 8th house gives bad results. One the other hand, if Modi has Vrishchkia lagna, Sun would be in the 11th house — perhaps the best place for Sun in any birth chart — and would explain why he had such a good Sun dasha.

Only Mars, Jupiter and Moon are capable of forming such raj yogas for Vrishchika lagna as they are functional benefics. Further, Saturn does give powerful raj yoga if it is in the 10th house but such a Saturn is known to be treacherous as it corrupts conduct and causes a humiliating fall. Having said all this, I think the assembly elections in Gujarat are not being held in the best of times for Modi. Moon is debilitated and in my experience, cancellation of debility is never total.

Jupiter could have given protection with his 5th aspect on the eighth house but it is retrograde and suffers double affliction due to aspects of Saturn and Mars. Saturn in transit is in the first third of his Sadhesati but what is important here is that Saturn has fallen from 36 points in the 11th from the moon to 17 points in the 12th.

Narendra Modi Horoscope - Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India

Such a steep fall during sadhesati can be disastrous. I am very keen to know what Ganesha thinks of this. It is really easy on the eyes. Modi will be the P. Because even the moon is neecha,there is neechabhanga chakravarthy yoga too. And sure it is depend on who the other candidate too. The Maha Dasha of Moon will prove very favorable.

Between Jan and May , he could be occupying the top chair. As far as, my opinion is concerned, I have made it very clear in the article itself. You may be right.

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    Manmohan Singh time will be over in couple of months. Congress golden period started in new century after and is going to end very soon. It is in its last stages. Rahul has no strong Raaj Yoga in his horoscope. So, his chances of becoming PM of India are very bleak. Sonia will not become PM as she announced in Now, BJP is the only other national party which has pan India presence.

    Nitin will shine in onwards as well as his party. One thing is sure BJP will win the next general elections with thumbing majority. And, according to me Modi will be at the top position. Modi horoscope shows his lagna is vrichika ,the lordship mars is in its own sign along with 9th lord moon — neecha bhanga raja yoga along with lagna lord mars.

    Moon is in the constellation of saturn star the lord of 3rd and 4th — very bold and leaves his name in the mind of mass due to saturn power. Lagna lord mars is in the constellation of jupiter the lord of 2nd and 5th -thinking power and good orator who knows what to talk and what not to talk and where to talk at right time. Saturn, the planet of mass people, venus the attraction towards him ,sun the ruler of planet all in his 10th sign of profession in the star of sun all the three planets together in the sun star that too being aspected by jupiter from 4th sign will make him very successful politician.

    Mercury the lord of 8th and 11th is exalted along with ketu in 11th sign — mercury the power of orator and speech is exalted uttcha in its own sign kanya 11th the house of gain — power by speech. In june , in gochara jupiter moves to 9th the sign cancer and gets exalted — this is most beneficial for modi and saturn second round transit of 7. So with the moon dasa the lord of 9th house bhagiya sthana — house of luck — in its neecha bhanga raja yoga and jupiter bhukthi starts in june with the support of gochara favourable jupiter transit to 9th sign cancer and second round of saturn transit under gochara is the golden period for modi.

    The analysis is seemingly correct. The transit of Saturn in Scorpio during Oct Oct would also not be very favorable period for Power. Too many fluctuations would be there in his fortunes. Though he may rise in Party but from the point of view of power his fortune seems to have peaked out in October.

    Now onwards planetary yogas do not indicate repeat of the degree of success achieved by him in Elections in Gujarat. May be, we both are having different birth details.

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    If I consider his lagna as vrischika, Moon dasa has already started for him. He is currently running Moon Mars and will be running moon rahu during assembly elections next year and moon juptier during elections. I agree One planet cannot decide everything. It was a typo. All rights belong to their respective owners.

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