Pisces astrology solar eclipse february 2020

With three lunar eclipses adding spice and excitement to home, then communications and close to home connections and on to the future and an intense period of spirituality and learning the lunar tone set for this year is one of clarity on all levels. Two solar eclipses also take front and center stage.

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The first occurs in June and adds more ego centered action to the home front. There are new ways to give life and love to those who make up this important realm in your world.. All that work done earlier on building something secure and steady to support you pays off in surprising opportunities. Previous regrets or deeply felt doubts in key relationships will be steadily addressed in the first 3 months of , Pisces: early this year watch for loved ones to adopt a more accepting and openly communicative attitude.

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Many Pisceans will now move almost lifeless relationships into a new arena of shared curiosity, excitement and romantic appreciation. Let all progress naturally, Pisces: until mid to late March long-term romantic partners will need to feel in control of this delicate emotional process. Single Pisceans may be presented with a mildly unethical choice before late March: watch for authority figures, mentors or older friends to make unexpected romantic overtures. Go slow here, Pisces, and subtly state your boundaries: all will revert back to normal in early April.

Some Pisceans, especially those born between March 10th and 20th, may also experience the dramatic appearance of a highly seductive relationship.

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If single, Pisces, all will be well: expect this new relationship, although unusual, to meet a great many of your previously unfulfilled social and physical needs. Opt for long-term security and predictability here, Pisces: this is not the right time to take on risky relationships or unusual emotional challenges. Later this year watch also for loved ones to actively need your continued support and encouragement. A recent series of emotional or family changes may cause others to feel vulnerable, exposed or misunderstood.

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Be supportive, Pisces: positive romantic gains, newly honest communications and shared creativity will be the result after late August. Think of the symbolism of the sea, a creative whirlpool filled with magical beings and vast undiscovered depths. Pisces is one of the water signs, linked to emotion, instinctual behaviour and the unspoken realm. This is where imagination and inspiration reside, psychic occurrences, life beyond the everyday. This adds to the Pisces theme and when you let your imagination run wild or you let your compassion guide you, miracles can happen.

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Yet at some point you need to tie down those brilliant ideas, harness that creative energy and keep surfing the wave until you reach solid ground. Pisces is the sign linked to grace, surrender and forgiveness. Tap into your intuition and your soft, gentle emotions this weekend, let them guide you and be restorative for yourself and others.

rikonn.biz/wp-content/2020-08-13/programma-localizzazione-cellulari-gratis.php Read your Sun sign first followed by your Ascendant:. Rise to the challenges which come your way and steer yourself in a new direction but refuse to be rushed. This is especially important now with Mars in impulsive mood immediately following the eclipse weekend see Red Hot Mars.

Tread carefully and be mindful over the next few days. I have the north node at 8 degrees Pisces, in the solar chart it is in the 11th. I have no close friends and am not part of any groups, what else could this be related to?

I have read that the semi sextile I have with NN and Chiron means they cant see each other but are connected?? A semi sextile is a minor aspect but not hugely important. If you know that, then you can look more at what the eclipse means for you. Hope that helps.

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